"What Can I Say?" We're #creatingshit

Case Garrett and I met for the first time at his gig at Finnegan’s Irish Pub in Hoboken, NJ.  He was performing while I rolled some video.  A few months later, over a rainy day at a diner,... Read MoreRead More »

Welcome to

NonLinear Knitting Studio!

NonLinear Knitting Studio is up and running. We are currently looking for folks to join us, whether that means come rent a monthly workspace in our open floor plan or rent our studio section for the day. Craft... Read MoreRead More »

The Studio Process

NonLinear Knitting started out of my need to get back to my Ohio roots and make shit. It’s about getting people together to insspire each other and do creative things. Maybe that means knitting. But it also means... Read MoreRead More »

NonLinear's Studio is being "Knitted" Together.

In yoga class this morning, our mantra of the day was “courage.”  Lately, I’ve been feeling very scared and second guessing every thought I have.  I felt like my mental sunshine was slowly drained out of my heart. ... Read MoreRead More »

JOBLESS in Jersey City - I would walk 100 miles

I woke up this morning in a full out panic attack, mentally not prepared for the 24 hours of travel it would take to get back home. I walked over 100 miles of the California coast. I breathed... Read MoreRead More »

JOBLESS in Jersey City - California Dreamin'

Hammock nap at sunset on the OB Pier in San Diego“Hammock nap at sunset on the OB Pier in San Diego” For the past 10 days, I’ve been on an adventure with RBK, my fellow JOBLESS in Jersey City friend. Read and watch more about JOBLESS in Jersey... Read MoreRead More »

JOBLESS in Jersey City

joblessinJC-tempMy dear friend RBK and I found ourselves to be unemployed simultaneously. Part of my personal sabbatical is to find out what I want to do next. I decided to make it a craft sabbatical.Read More »

A Leaf Pile Christmas Cabin

When Brian told me he was renting a cabin to go record a Christmas album with his band, Leaf Pile and asked if I could come to document their adventure, I was all in.  We all packed our bags... Read MoreRead More »

Jelly and Jamming

JAM-featuredI like jelly, jamming and puns. (I’m feeling slightly opinionated today. This is my disclaimer.) I think dieting is bullshit. I am under the belief that my body knows what it needs: I crave it. Then I eat... Read MoreRead More »

Things We Love: "Winter time adventure!"

Photo credit Brian Mudri This winter has been a chilly one! So instead of hating the snow, go play in it and have a “Winter Time Adventure!” as my friend, RBK would say. Music by: An Introduction (Glass... Read MoreRead More »

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