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Babies on my brain

No, I’m not pregnant. Just to clarify. It’s been a very crafty whirlwind! I discovered the world of babies (minus the fetus and pregnancy cravings.) I am currently preparing for a couple of baby showers. I was never… Read More

Kitty cats & Yarn balls…

There has always been a connection between cats and yarn. Thinking of a kitten playing with a ball of yarn isn’t such an outlandish thought. They go hand in hand. Meet my kitty, Karma. She has a love… Read More

48 hours of distractions and a Flea Market?

My 48 hours are up. I was pretty successful, given the amount of tasks I gave myself. I did get a little sidetracked on Saturday and went to the Brooklyn Flea Market. Here’s my issue with the “flea… Read More

And it was all Yellow.

I’m currently in a color coma. It started when i decided to knit my first vest, about 2 months ago. A nice mellow yellow. About 2 weeks into that I had to look away. I quickly knit up… Read More

Search and Rescue

Exciting things are happening!!!! First of all, I FOUND MY NOTIONS BAG!!! The yarn stash ate it.  They await sentencing for Tampering with Owner’s Sanity. Here’s a story: In sixth grade, I was voted “Most Organized” which is….shocking. … Read More

Whale of a tale

By CourTney My husband is super supportive of my knitting. He makes suggestions, picks out yarn and dislike patterns with me. I have tried to make him several items but every time I knit for him, it turns… Read More

UFOs and nowhere to go

by Tara Anyone who knows me would say that I have a tendency not to finish things.  I have a jumper for example, that has been on the needles for SEVEN years that CourT periodically nudges me to… Read More

Yarn is a state of mind.

By CourTney So. The beach was very successful at relaxation.. But now, I’m back in the real world. I’m back sitting at a desk only to think of yarn and beads and buttons and zippers. After we got… Read More

…and I am Tara

by Tara Now. Ahem.  A little about me:  I live in small town Ohio, hopefully making the move to NJ soon to be with the best of the best of best friends, CourTney.  Right now I work as… Read More

In the beginning…

by  CourTney The first entry is always the hardest.  I don’t want to be one of those “Dear Diary” types, but I suppose that gives a focus as to who you are speaking to.  I suppose I need… Read More