A DIY Baby Shower: Knitted Baby Bunting

baby shower_featured 01I’m an aunt!!! But something had to happen in order for that to be true…And lots of crafts too! My sister called me one night to tell me she was having a baby. A baby! I immediately started... Read MoreRead More »

Yarn Bomb that Bridge

KnitTheBridge_featuredMy typical jaunt from Ohio to New Jersey goes a little something like this… Highway..Highway…Sheetz!…Highway…Highway…sheetz!…Highway…Highway…Highway…home. This time I decided to switch it up. There was some yarn graffiti that had my name all over it.Read More »

Yarn dying at home!

yarn dying_featuredI got home from a long office day and decided that I needed to do something hands-on and creative. My computer legs were tired of sitting. I took one long look at my yarn stash and finally decided... Read MoreRead More »

Craft Sabbatical: Fridge Magnet Makeover

Magnets_featureI’d say I have a pretty average kitchen refrigerator. White. Scattered with a few pictures, cards, old coupons, but mostly quite sparse. The way I see it, it’s empty art space dieing to be used. A blank canvas.... Read MoreRead More »

Homeward bound - just for the weekend

lake_01_featuredThis past weekend was my dad’s birthday and he retired! He spent many years working way too hard and now he will probably continue working, but at home instead. He’s the type of dad who doesn’t know how... Read MoreRead More »

Giraffe A Day For Kaitlyn K!

giraffe-a-day_-08When we were in middle school, my best friend, Christine and I would do a lot of silly things. But our silly things were to make people happy – not cause trouble. We were pretty rebellious… One night,... Read MoreRead More »

A Non-Work of Art: The Final Art Chapter

nonwork of art_featuredIf you haven’t read A Non-Work of Art, be sure to start there before reading ahead. After a year and a half in the making, I think I will call my painting complete. It’s funny the amount of... Read MoreRead More »

Love Stone for Plants

painted rocksWhen I was little, my grandma and grandpa would take my brother and I to Lake Erie to go “rock hunting.” I’m pretty sure this moment in time sealed in my love for rock beaches and cooler weather.... Read MoreRead More »

So much to learn in Montréal!

MONTREAL_20_featuredThe HB and I needed a mid-week vacation, so we took off a few days and headed across the border to Montreal. Most say, “Why go to Montreal when it’s cold??” Well, we are warm-blooded creatures who love... Read MoreRead More »

Sunsets? Let's paint them!

FEATURED_GALS PAINTINGRecently, my friend Lauren asked me to take a “Wine and Painting” class with her at Urban Arts at Monroe in Hoboken, NJ. She’s a very talented painter of sunsets and wanted to broaden her horizons – literally.... Read MoreRead More »

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