Excuse Me While I Dye

by Tara

Last Thursday I dyed for the very first time.  It was magical, and special, and everything I thought it could be, and more…

OH!  The excitement I felt, as the wool soaked in its warm bath of blood red, black cherry Kool-Aid, came bumbling up from my gut in nervous, skittish giggles as I churned it about in ceremony.  With surgical care, being sure not to felt the untreated wool,  I toweled it off,  and hung it to dry, and then…waited…staring at my creation, hypnotized,  imagining how it will feel knitting it into the most perfect sweater…it was the most fun I’ve had in months.  Now, it is Monday and I already need another fix.  I had planned to scrub the bathroom tonight, but…it’s an emergency.  I just might die if I don’t dye.  I’M NOT BEING DRAMATIC!

If you have not dyed your own yarn, let this be a warning to you.  Look at me!  I’ve only done it once and I’m already out of control.  Now, I truly feel that what I create is unique and one-of-a-kind.  A new era of crafting has begun.

Yarn is a state of mind.

By CourTney

So. The beach was very successful at relaxation..


But now, I’m back in the real world. I’m back sitting at a desk only to think of yarn and beads and buttons and zippers.

After we got back from the beach, my husband and I tackled the office and made the transformation into the office/craft room.  I hope it is Grandma approved!

After 2 full days of moving/ cleaning/ rearranging, I was so happy to have it ready, yet so sad that it was now 11 pm on a Sunday evening and I had to go back to work without trying it out. Brian said ” but you’ve been yarning all weekend!” and I said “no, just thinking about yarn, but only cleaning…” and he said, “Yarn is a state of mind.” I thought that was brilliant. And he’s right. So, even though I am sitting here at a computer, I am thinking about all of the crafts that are to come and it’s getting me through the day.

…and I am Tara

by Tara

Now. Ahem.  A little about me:  I live in small town Ohio, hopefully making the move to NJ soon to be with the best of the best of best friends, CourTney.  Right now I work as a consultant, helping college students with computer related projects for class.  I love my job, but…I also love Yarn.  So does CourT.  She is my proud enabler.  We binge on skeins of alpaca and silk, knitted lace shawls, warm wool berets, crocheted rugs, and pattern books.  My favorite memories are of  CourT and I crafting.  In body I may be in my white walled, 310 sq ft apartment in Kent, but in my mind we are together, sitting on an overstuffed brown sofa in her cozy living room in Akron, a CourT-crocheted afgan laying across our laps, a steaming vanilla latte or spicy chai tea on the coffee table, season after season of House, or The Office, or indie films checked out of the library in the DVD player, our needles and hooks moving methodically as we chat about life.  I miss my partner in crime.

You see, CourT was right.  We did lose ourselves when she moved away…uninspired and lacking passion for the thing we always did together, not alone…until there was Ravelry.   CourT started posting her projects, suggesting I do the same. (See my projects on Ravelry here.)  She posted the Gretel Tam by Ysolda Teague and it was over. (See her Gretel here.)

So, here we are now.  CourT in NJ, me in Ohio, committing to start a business together doing something we love…..Let the inspiration begin!

Taking a break

by CourTney

I’m heading to the beach for a nice week of nothingness and knitting. No phone! (just the iPad – gotta jot down the thoughts when they come.) i started thinking about all of the randomness that equals my daily wardrobe and it made me remember sewing with my grandma.

Over the years, we’ve sewn halter tops, vests with matching skirts, purses, bags, scrunchies, a suit jacket, and more. I miss sewing.

In our 1 bedroom apartment, we have an office that takes up half the upstairs. Due to some motivation of awesome people at work, and the ok to take over my husbands personnal space, i’ve decided to take over the office and make a sewing room.

Let the crafting begin!


In the beginning…

by  CourTney

The first entry is always the hardest.  I don’t want to be one of those “Dear Diary” types, but I suppose that gives a focus as to who you are speaking to.  I suppose I need to start with the purpose.  My purpose is to write about the new adventures of starting up a….something.  It’s to small to say company, but it’s a big idea that needs a name.  How about this.  I will introduce the characters…

Hi, my name is CourTney.  I’m an editor.  I sit at work for anywhere between 40 to 90 hours a week. At a desk.  I love to do other things.  Many other things, but one day my life ran away from me.  So, this is me getting it back.  I grew up surrounded by artistic people and need to grab ahold of those values and bring them back to a higher position in my life.  I love to knit, paint, do yoga, sew…<insert other crafts here.>

I live and work in NJ/NY and my BFF <Tara> lives in Ohio.  Tara is my crafty partner in crime.  She taught me to crochet and knit.  When I moved away, part of me hid.  I can’t speak for her, but I think the same type of deal happened with her.  So, this is us, joining forces and crafting together, from afar.    We will both be writing, when the want/need hits us.

This is the journal of our affairs.

To be continued…