Jello pies from the 1950s


Ever decide last minute you need to make a dessert but don’t have much of anything in the cupboards, let alone cake ingredients?

I got this.

Recently, my friends Colin and Yeon both had a birthday falling on a craft day my HB decided to host at our apartment. We couldn’t have birthdays without a sweet treat, so I began to dig something up.

Rewind. Yes, Brian hosted a craft party.

I’ll give you a minute to process the effect I have had on his life…
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Apartment Recording Requires Whiskey


My HB, just like Eve’s, is a wonderful musician. He plays percussion on anything – along with the bouzouki, the mandolin, the piano and the harmonica set my family and I got him for Christmas. It’s one of my favorite things about him. I love creativity and I appreciate it so much in him.

This past weekend, his real other half came to visit. The Jeff. They met in college, playing in a band together, NJs and the Jeff and together they really do make the greatest music I’ve ever heard. Their current band is “Midland Uprising,” so take a listen and judge for yourself.
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A Non-Work of Art: The Final Art Chapter

nonwork of art_featured

If you haven’t read A Non-Work of Art, be sure to start there before reading ahead.

After a year and a half in the making, I think I will call my painting complete. It’s funny the amount of changes my life has gone through since I started. I was just starting this blog and living in another place. Life has changed and so did the direction of my painting. I had one thought for it when I started but it is now something totally different, but I love it. It’s full of color and texture.
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Love Stone for Plants

painted rocks

When I was little, my grandma and grandpa would take my brother and I to Lake Erie to go “rock hunting.” I’m pretty sure this moment in time sealed in my love for rock beaches and cooler weather. We would walk the rocky water fronts in search for the perfect pebbles to paint. My grandma would then take us back to her shop and show us how to paint cute bugs, like ladybugs, lightning bugs and beetles.
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So much to learn in Montréal!


The HB and I needed a mid-week vacation, so we took off a few days and headed across the border to Montreal. Most say, “Why go to Montreal when it’s cold??” Well, we are warm-blooded creatures who love chilly spots. The warmest vacation we’ve taken so far was 65 degrees F in Amsterdam!
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Sunsets? Let’s paint them!


Recently, my friend Lauren asked me to take a “Wine and Painting” class with her at Urban Arts at Monroe in Hoboken, NJ. She’s a very talented painter of sunsets and wanted to broaden her horizons – literally. I am a lover of all things craft and wine related so I said “yes” without a second thought.
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What a Gal can Accomplish Before 10 AM

featured_cinnamon wreath

I’ve been on this kick of setting no alarms and trying to let my body tell me when to get up. I’ve found that I am 100% a morning person. Most people want to sleep in on the weekends. Me? On weekdays I have to drag myself out of bed. But on weekends, the earlier I wake up the more excited I get. More time to do stuff I want to do!!
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A Non-Work of Art: Revived

The last time I painted on this canvas, I lived in a different apartment and the canvas had a different home. I hate to say that it has hung on the wall unfinished for 1 year and 4 months.
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Knitting on Cashmere Clouds

finished hat
This year – with my JC BFF, Kaitlyn, moved to the far away land of Chicago and my Ohio BFF, Tara, too far away – I had to venture to Vogue Knitting 2013 NYC alone.

It’s my one time of year to treat myself to learn a new skill from seasoned professionals. I save up to take one class. They are pretty pricey, but I have yet to be disappointed. My goal has been designing classes so I can expand the our store inventory to prettier, more elaborate knitting that was created – start to finish (pattern included) – by us.
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