Caramel Apple Catastrophe

caramel apples_featuredI woke up this morning from a nightmare that my HB was leaving me and running away to France. This may be because we ate at a French restaurant the night before or maybe he has a secret... Read MoreRead More »

Earl Grey Pistachio Puddin' Pops

pudding pop 5 - featuredI love popsicles and pudding. So of course – I enjoy pudding pops! After rummaging my cabinets for ingredients, here’s what I came up with. Feel free to try out your own flavores. I would love to hear... Read MoreRead More »

Homeward bound - just for the weekend

lake_01_featuredThis past weekend was my dad’s birthday and he retired! He spent many years working way too hard and now he will probably continue working, but at home instead. He’s the type of dad who doesn’t know how... Read MoreRead More »

Jello pies from the 1950s

featured_piesEver decide last minute you need to make a dessert but don’t have much of anything in the cupboards, let alone cake ingredients? I got this. Recently, my friends Colin and Yeon both had a birthday falling on... Read MoreRead More »

Apartment Recording Requires Whiskey

Featured_recordingMy HB, just like Eve’s, is a wonderful musician. He plays percussion on anything – along with the bouzouki, the mandolin, the piano and the harmonica set my family and I got him for Christmas. It’s one of... Read MoreRead More »

So much to learn in Montréal!

MONTREAL_20_featuredThe HB and I needed a mid-week vacation, so we took off a few days and headed across the border to Montreal. Most say, “Why go to Montreal when it’s cold??” Well, we are warm-blooded creatures who love... Read MoreRead More »

What a Gal can Accomplish Before 10 AM

featured_cinnamon wreathI’ve been on this kick of setting no alarms and trying to let my body tell me when to get up. I’ve found that I am 100% a morning person. Most people want to sleep in on the... Read MoreRead More »

Christmas Cookies in January

6 - brussel cookie done_FEATUREDIf you ran out of time this holiday season, bake in January and tempt everyone you work with while they are on their New Year’s Resolution Diet. It’s a lot of fun.Read More »

Orange you glad...

My husband eats a lot of oranges so I decided to use some of the peels to make orange oil.  Orange oil smells amazing and has a variety of uses including adding flavor to food.  (I put some... Read MoreRead More »

Easy Pumpkin Black Bean Chili

If you’ve read any of my food blogs on NonLinear Knitting before, then you know my HB, Brian, is the cook in our family. I love to bake but he took over making dinner about a month into... Read MoreRead More »

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