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White Chip Carrot Cookies

When money gets tight, baking gets interesting. While freelancing is fun, I haven’t found that job that has taken over my life – sadly counterbalancing with not helping out the checkbook. But a girl’s gotta eat (healthy and… Read More

Moving and Muffin Tops

Last weekend, my lady friends Alisson and Sarah came over for what we planned to be a lazy Saturday afternoon full of coffee and baking. In standard small apartment fashion, we all crunched into the kitchen. I suppose… Read More


It’s my party and I’ll blow cocoa all over everyone if I want to! So – Tiramisu – not the best birthday candle cake I could have picked, but still delicious!

A Great Summer Saturday with JELLO!

This past Saturday was wonderful. Unlike many people, I love mornings. I feel my best, when I get up early and get things done. My day started as just that. I got all of my errands out of… Read More

Creme Brûlée & Great Balls of Fire!

Our store, Coffee & T, is doing pretty well. Tara and I have been knitting baby pumpkin hats like whoa! So, I decided to take a small knitting break and move to baking. I must preface this with… Read More