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The End of Barley’s Icelandic Chronicles: Part 5

Hallo’ All – Barley here Day 7 We packed up the car and left Grundarfjörður and headed towards Reykjavík. We made a pit stop in the town Stykkishólmur to get some danishes and coffee for the humans. I… Read More

Craft Sabbatical: Auction Treasures

During the nicer parts of the year, (in Ohio, you just never know) my parents attend several auctions. They come home with treasures. If it’s not a treasure to them, it’s a treasure to someone on eBay. I… Read More

48 hours of distractions and a Flea Market?

My 48 hours are up. I was pretty successful, given the amount of tasks I gave myself. I did get a little sidetracked on Saturday and went to the Brooklyn Flea Market. Here’s my issue with the “flea… Read More