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Jelly and Jamming

I like jelly, jamming and puns. (I’m feeling slightly opinionated today. This is my disclaimer.) I think dieting is bullshit. I am under the belief that my body knows what it needs: I crave it. Then I eat… Read More

Honeycomb Hearts

My grandma’s house is magical. There is a lake and cabin, beautiful gardens, a sugar shack where I had my wedding and barns full of treasures. There is a “happy tree” straight out of a Winnie the Pooh… Read More

Knitting on Cashmere Clouds

This year – with my JC BFF, Kaitlyn, moved to the far away land of Chicago and my Ohio BFF, Tara, too far away – I had to venture to Vogue Knitting 2013 NYC alone. It’s my one… Read More

What the F*ckuary?

It’s the end of the year. Everything you needed to complete is stacking up. All the goals you made in January of 2012 – like finish that damn wedding video – were forgotten about until December 2012. You… Read More

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Cinnamon.

Ever have a week that just felt like a fail. If life was a video game, I would NOT be leveling up. When life gets me stressed, I bake. I decided to go all in and make a… Read More

Creme Brûlée & Great Balls of Fire!

Our store, Coffee & T, is doing pretty well. Tara and I have been knitting baby pumpkin hats like whoa! So, I decided to take a small knitting break and move to baking. I must preface this with… Read More

Cowl Mania!

Some days you just need instant gratification. Working on a sweater, blanket or shawl is nice, but some days you just need to feel accomplished. Welcome to my week. The good part about making a cowl is that… Read More